📅 Year Established: 2018
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KeyDrop Overview

Today KeyDrop is rightly considered one of the best sites with skin gambling in CS2. Other forms of winning are also available: cases, keys, valuable prizes and even real money.

We have prepared a detailed review of the KeyDrop site for the real seekers of legendaries in CS2. This article is a real test drive for a site that positions itself as one of the best in the field of gambling entertainment, but is it really so?

Company Characteristics

💎 CS:GO Gambling Site KeyDrop
🏆 Ranking place 14
📅 Foundation Year 2018
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Game Modes

CSGO Case Battle
CSGO Case Opening
CSGO Upgrade

Main characteristics of the site

The gaming platform has a good track record in providing services in the gambling entertainment market. The site was created in 2018 and since that time has not been seen in any scandals or fraud. This is evidenced by tens of thousands of positive reviews and the presence of a reputable name of the owner APRODI LTD, who has created more than one site with lootboxes.

The site is available in 15 languages, making it accessible to a very wide audience. The community of the gaming platform is truly impressive - more than 11 million users!

For the convenience of playing for skins or real money this huge number of players are attracted to the best payment systems, including: Steam, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency methods.

New players were also not neglected and created a modern registration in just one click through Steam. This allows you not to waste time on tedious filling out of the form data, and immediately start playing!

KeyDrop site game modes

The real heart of any gambling site or lootbox service is entertainment. The KeyDrop theme is aimed exclusively at CS2 gamers and offers the following game modes:

  • Case Battle. The game page is a feed in which other users offer you to compete in a case battle. To participate, you need to place a bet, and at the end of the battle, the participant with the highest bid takes his case.

  • Contracts. In Contracts, the player must choose one or more skins from his collection, after which the system will determine its cost. You can pay extra and take another one, for example, the one you have been dreaming about for a long time. You can also take the money and use it for bets in other games.

  • Upgrade. One of the most popular entertainment options that allows the gamer to choose their CS2 skin and upgrade it. For this process, you need to customize the amount with a slider, which will determine the degree of upgrade. Of course, the more money you spend on upgrading, the more valuable skin you will get.

  • Skin Changer. A simplified version of the previous game, the essence of which is as follows: select a skin from Steam inventory, choose from the list of 50 skins for future exchange, and then the system will randomly suggest replacing the current skin with one of the 50.

Design of the website and game modes

The look and feel of the site is also far from the least important. KeyDrop has one of the best designs we've seen. On the site you want to stay as long as possible, because the color scheme and the overall design of the pages at the highest level.

Design and interface: usability

There are no problems with using the site on computers and laptops. All elements of design and interface are displayed correctly even with changing the scale of the page. The site architecture is very well thought out and even a new player can easily find the section or entertainment he needs.

We were most impressed with the home page, which shows the real-time winnings of KeyDrop users. The most up-to-date information about KeyDrop events is also available on it.

Mobile version: availability, functionality

The site with lootboxes for CS2 KeyDrop has an adaptive mobile version. It is available on all smartphones and tablets. The loading of the site itself depends solely on the speed of your Internet connection. All graphical elements, the interface and the game content itself are correctly displayed and do not cause any issues.

Registration process

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, it won't take you long to create a new account. Just follow 3 simple steps to register:

  1. On the home page of the site, click on "Login with Steam".

2. In the information window, confirm the user agreement and the rules of the game on the site. Click "Sign in".

3. On Steam, click "Sign in" and wait for the KeyDrop page to return.

Customer Service

The button to contact support representatives is located in the lower left corner of the site. Just click it to call the specialist window and wait for the connection.

The connection time of a support representative takes only a few minutes, and the working mode is 24/7. As for competence, the specialists are perfectly aware of all the features of the gaming platform and will be able to solve any of your questions or problems.


To further motivate its users, like other sites, the KeyDrop site offers the following bonuses:

Daily bonus

Visit KeyDrop every day and get a chance to get an absolutely free bonus to win. The most popular prizes are 100 gold, 0.01$ or an inexpensive skin for CS2. The winnings are immediately credited to the player's account.

Free Gold Bonus

Get gold for simple actions: adding an email, subscribing to the Telegram channel, joining the Discord channel or subscribing to KeyDrop social networks. In total, there are more than 10 options to get free gold, which can be used for betting in gambling games.

Pros and cons

Having analyzed the main aspects of the KeyDrop website, the following advantages and disadvantages can be highlighted.


  1. Availability. KeyDrop offers multiple game modes and supports a variety of deposit methods, including cryptocurrency. This makes it accessible to a wide audience.

  2. Design and Interface. Players can expect an attractive design and user-friendly interface on both computers and mobile devices.

  3. Customer support service. The site provides access to support service 24/7, which allows you to always be in touch with representatives of the site and quickly solve the problem.

  4. Bonuses: The presence of daily bonuses and the possibility to get gold for various actions motivates users to participate more actively in all available games.


  1. Lack of license information. There is no mention on the site about the presence or absence of a license for gambling, which is a bit misleading.

  2. There are no bonuses for new players. Immediately after registration the site does not welcome you in any way.

Reviews on third-party sites

At the time of writing, only on the service Trustpilot published more than 40 thousand reviews about the site KeyDrop. Most of them note the high level of winnings on all presented entertainment and the ease of use of the site itself.


The KeyDrop site offers a lot of simple yet winning entertainment for all CS2 lovers. Even a gamer who has never encountered lootboxes will quickly get used to and understand how to play on KeyDrop. This is also facilitated by the well thought out design and interface of the site.

A strong point should also be called free daily bonuses, which can be received by the user of the resource KeyDrop and subsequently win valuable skin or other loot.

After weighing the pros and cons we give KeyDrop's website a score of 7/10.

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