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+3 review is a gaming portal with the ability to display CS:GO skins. The site offers 7 standard game modes, including battles and roulette. It seems that everything is provided for the comfort of players, including quick registration, chat support and several convenient deposit methods. However, is everything so good on this platform and is it worth starting a gaming session here? To answer this question, let's take a closer look at all the characteristics of the site, look into the rules and study user reviews.

Company Characteristics

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CSGO Case Battle
CSGO Case Opening
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CSGO Roulette
CSGO Upgrade

Main characteristics of the site

The Clash project appeared not so long ago - in 2022, and so far its attendance leaves much to be desired. The portal is owned and operated by Rust Clash, a company registered in Cyprus. The site does not provide information about the license. At the same time, the resource claims that it applies the Provbly Fair system, which reliably allows to check the randomness of each result of the site's games.

The use of Clash portal services is prohibited in those countries where it is restricted by law. In its rules, the project states that it makes no official statements regarding your right to play on the site and participate in its contests. If you register on Clash while in a jurisdiction that prohibits such activities, you do so at your own risk. You can authorize on the site in the classic way or through social networks, as well as the Steam platform.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal of awards

The service allows you to make a deposit in several ways:

  • Bank card;

  • Through payment systems;

  • Electronic wallets (Webmoney);

  • Cryptocurrencies;

  • Skins (Dota 2; CS:GO; Rust).

A serious inconvenience of the service is the confusing system of balance replenishment. When you make a payment in dollars, it is converted into its own currency "gems" at the site's exchange rate (1.45 or 1.55, depending on the chosen payment method). In addition, it is impossible to get winnings in fiat money. It is only possible to withdraw the reward in the form of virtual Counter-Strike items or to cryptocurrency accounts.

Game modes of the Clash website

There aren't many game modes represented on Clash:

  • Mini Roulette - bet on green, yellow, purple fields with multipliers from x2 to x14.

  • Upgrade - select an item from your collection to upgrade and set a fee. The higher the rate, the higher the chances of upgrading the skin.

  • Cases - unpack chests that include a specific set of virtual items.

  • Plinko - bet on sectors with different multiplayer, trying to predict where the ball will roll off the top of the pyramid.

  • Mines - open the fields, but try not to hit the sectors with hidden bombs.

  • Jackpot - all players' bets are summed up. After the game is launched, the winner is randomly determined, who will take the prize.

  • Battles - users compete with each other for skin cases. Each player can create his own battle by inviting other players to battle.

But the standard for such projects game Crash is not on this site.

Design of the website and game modes

Design and interface: usability

The Clash site is similar to most portals dedicated to games with skins: there are bright elements on a black background. No original details are used in the design of the web resource. In addition, the white font on a dark background is poorly readable, which can create difficulties when familiarizing with the rules of the portal, for example.

The site navigation is simple and easy to understand even for beginners. If you wish, you can choose one of 6 languages - Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, German, French. The main inconvenience of the menu is that information about bonuses, loyalty system, promotions should be searched for in different sections of the portal.

Mobile version

The Clash platform has an adapted mobile version. To play from your device, all you need to do is go to the site in your browser. In this case, on a touch screen, the menu elements become clickable. The light version of the games loads well, the interface of the site also remains quite convenient. The project does not provide a downloadable mobile application. registration process

Registration on the game resource is performed elementary:

  • At the top of the website, find the "Sign In" button and click on it;

  • In the window that opens, open the "Registration" tab;

  • Fill in the fields: give your nickname and password, specify your e-mail;

  • Confirm your email by following the link from the email you will receive from Clash.

There are also alternative methods that allow you to go through the registration procedure even faster: authorize via Steam or Google. It is important to remember the method with which you created an account on the resource, and use only it to log in. Creating multi-accounts on the resource is prohibited. After registration, the user has a "Personal Cabinet" - here the user can edit personal information, view the history of operations and games, track achievements in the casino loyalty system.

Customer Service

On the web pages of the site there is a dialog box for contacting technical support. You can also write to tech support at [email protected] or call +353-21212-8322. Chat operators answer quickly, but in fact, do not really help much in solving problems. If the question concerns the rules of the resource, the manager simply sends the user to the footer of the site to study the terms on their own, without giving a specific answer.

Clash bonuses

Clash doesn't offer its customers many bonuses:

  • A rakeback is a refund of a portion of the commission that a casino charges on players' bets.

  • Keys - are given for achieving levels in the portal's loyalty system.

  • Up-to-date HELLSKINS promo code for free skins

  • Free Bonus Case - will be available if you add "" to your Steam nickname.

  • "Rain" is a daily rewards program that allows participants to collect an equal portion of the bank + 25 credits + a percentage of all spending on the site within 30 minutes. Only gamblers who have been verified and reached level 10 in the Clash privilege system can join the event.

In addition, the platform holds daily races between gamblers on the number of bets made. The winners are rewarded with gems - the gaming currency of the platform.

Pros and cons of the project

The platform has certain advantages:

  • use of the Provbly Fair system;

  • simple and clear interface of the site;

  • the ability to make payments with both bank cards and cryptocurrency, as well as computer game skins;

  • availability of seven game modes;

  • adapted browser-based mobile version;

  • easy registration.

However, the project also has enough drawbacks, and some of them are quite serious:

  • There is no information about the official license.

  • An inconvenient system using a domestic currency that differs from the dollar exchange rate.

  • Quite vague wording in the "User Agreement". In particular, the rules state that the project does not give users any guarantees.

  • The support team doesn't see fit to give detailed information when needed.

  • Limited set of games.

  • Withdrawal of winnings is possible only in the form of virtual items or to cryptocurrency wallets. It is impossible to get the reward in fiat money.

  • There is no downloadable mobile app.

  • A high percentage of categorically bad player reviews. Some gamblers accuse the site of fraud.

Reviews on third-party sites

Both positive and negative reviews can be found about the Clash project. Except that overly laudatory comments on 5 "stars" are usually very similar to advertising. In good reviews, users praise the casino, claiming that the game modes have excellent returns. However, in reality, you should not expect fabulous winnings here, especially since the more truthful commentators in their majority say the opposite.

Especially implausible are reviews in which users praise the support service, calling it friendly. If you have a problem or a question, it is far from certain that the operators will deal with it and not just send you to study the rules.

Also ridiculous are the obviously bespoke reviews about the "bunch of games" on the site - there are only seven of them.

In negative reviews, commentators share the opposite experience. For example, players tell about cases of account banning after receiving a free skin or other winnings.

In addition, on the Web you can see many complaints about Clash tech support, which not only ignores and does not help with solving problems, but even "trolls".

Also, many gamblers note too many failed results that come one after another, which could mean that the site is actually a scam site.

However, when evaluating the resource, it is impossible to focus only on reviews, and there is no direct evidence that the portal is a scam.


At first glance, is not much different from similar gaming sites. Modes include a good selection, and payments are accepted through various payment systems. Such promotions as "rain" make gamblers' leisure time even more exciting and diverse.

However, even at the first attempts to use the portal service, there are doubts about its honesty. Openly indifferent to users' questions, the support service is also alarming. Numerous reviews of players about the blocking of their accounts in case of winnings do not contribute to the desire to start playing on In addition, in the rules of the resource itself there is a section with the telling title "Disclaimer".

As always in the case of dubious projects, spending time here is recommended only for gambling personalities who are more interested in the gameplay itself, not the results. If you are ready to accept the fact that at any time there may be problems with the withdrawal of awards, and your account will be banned, then the site will suit you. Otherwise, you should pay attention to licensed sites with more transparent terms of service use.

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