📅 Year Established: 2016
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Hellcase review

Initially, the Hellcase platform offered skins and cases only for CS:GO, but now virtual items and sets for Dota 2 and Rust have been added to the range. The portal ensures fair play using the Provally Fair system. The user can check the fairness of the results of draws by checking the hashed code. At the same time, the profitability of the casino remains substantial, and customers should realize that they are on the portal of gambling orientation.

Company Characteristics

💎 CS:GO Gambling Site HellCase
🏆 Ranking place 9
📅 Foundation Year 2016
🌐 Site https://hellcase.com/

Supported Languages


Game Modes

CSGO Case Battle
CSGO Case Opening
CSGO Upgrade

Main characteristics of the site

The Hellcase website was registered in 2016 in Singapore. The portal cannot be used in a number of countries: Syria, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan. The platform supports 13 languages, and the game balance can be kept in euros or dollars. You can register only by authorization through your Steam account.

Deposit and withdrawal of winnings

To make a deposit, the resource provides several ways:

  • Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard);

  • Gift Cards;

  • Cryptocurrency wallets (8 cryptocurrencies);

  • ZEN payment system;

  • Skins CS:GO and others.

You can only withdraw rewards in virtual items. The calculations and the game are made in fiat money. And even if you have sold your skin or case, you will not be able to get them directly to your card or wallet.

Game modes

Most of the activity of Hellcase players is concentrated on skins and cases - raffles, "pumping", selling and so on. That's probably why such standard game modes as Crash and Roulette are not available here. You can fight for the best items with other users or try to improve them, but there is no gambling in its classic sense. Try your luck in the following entertainment:

  • Upgrade - in this game you have the option to upgrade your KC:GO, DOTA 2 or RUST skins. Choose an item to upgrade and then specify a multiplier for your bid. The higher the desired multiplier, the lower the chances of dropping it, and the more coveted the prize. Once the game starts, the arrow begins to spin around the circle. If it stops at a colored area, the reward is yours. If not, the item goes into the casino's revenue.

  • Case Battles - here you can fight for skin sets with other users. There is an option when you create a battle yourself and wait for other members or bots of the site to join it. It is also possible to take part in a battle already created by someone else. The winner is chosen by generating random values - he gets the case. Other participants forfeit their bets.

There are no other gambling entertainment on the portal.

Design of the website and game modes

As in 99% of gambling sites with skins, the design of Hellcase is dominated by black color. This makes the design of the pages stylish, but if you want to familiarize yourself with the rules of the portal, reading white text on a dark background will not be too comfortable for your eyesight. Graphics of the site is of good quality and clean colors. Pages of sections and various materials are decorated with bright screensavers. There are no unnecessary special effects and distracting details in game modes.

The interface of the site is convenient, the main buttons to go to the section can be seen on the main web page. However, not all the information is easy to find on the site. For example, it is difficult to find the rules for awarding points and the form for contacting technical support, and there is no "Promotions" tab, which would contain full details of current promotional events.

Mobile version

The portal has both a mobile version and a downloadable application. Both versions are identical and adapted for gadgets. The casino menu is more compact and comfortable to use from the screen of a mobile device. Game modes load without problems, control keys are easy to press from the touch screen. At the same time, the graphics on the pages and in the games remain as bright and clear.

Registration process

The site provides one way of registration - through the Steam portal. Unauthorized users can not recharge, participate in battles, play modes and use the rest of the Hellcase service. If you don't have an account on Steam, you will have to register on this platform first. Next, you need to:

  • Click on the "Sign In" button - it's at the top right of the web page;

  • In the window that opens, check the boxes next to the points that you are 18 years old and have read the "Terms of Use";

  • Click on the "Login via Steam" key;

  • In the window that appears, enter your credentials on Steam.

Then on Hellcase you will have a personal account, you will be able to replenish your account and use all the services of the resource. Do not forget that a player can register only one account on the platform.

Customer Service

If you have a question, you can search for the answer in the FAQ section. If the information you need is not found, please contact support. To do this:

  • Go to the menu (button with three bars in the upper left corner);

  • Select the "Support" line;

  • You'll also be offered answers to popular questions here, but you'll be able to contact tech help via the "Support" button;

  • A feedback form will open in front of you, where you can describe the problem by providing your email.

In addition, you can send your appeal to [email protected]. The response of the casino support service will not be fast, it will take several hours or even a day. Chat for instant communication with the portal operator is not provided on the site.


In addition to winning in battles and Upgrades, players can also count on risk-free profits. To do this, it is necessary to participate in various drawings and promotions. At the time of writing the review, the following bonus and promo programs are in effect in Hellcase:

  • Daily Free Bonus. Every day players can get 1 of 3 random drop options as a gift: a skin, some amount for the balance or a war token for Warbreak. For this, the user must fulfill 2 mandatory conditions: download and install the casino's branded avatar in their Steam profile, as well as deposit $5 within 30 days. In addition, your Steam profile must be publicly available.

  • Subscription Bonus. Click on the image of the gift in the bottom right corner of the main web page. Confirm your e-mail by following the link in the letter and activate the reward in your personal account. What exactly will be the gift - the casino decides individually.

  • Bonuses with promo code "HELLSKINS".

  • Raffles. To participate, you need to go to the appropriate section and join the giveaway of a skin for free. In each tab of the prize you will see its value and the total number of participants. The winner will be determined randomly within the specified time frame.

  • An event is a time-limited event that allows you to earn event tokens. Tokens are awarded with varying probability for opening cases participating in the event and completing quests. In the future, tokens can be used to open special cases.

  • Military Tokens for Warbreak players. Extra points are awarded on failed attempts at Upgrades, as daily bonuses, and are automatically brought to you by your agents. You can spend your war tokens on special cases or profile backgrounds.

Pros and cons

The platform with CS:GO skins has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, let's highlight the pluses of Hellcase:

  • Using an algorithm provably fair game that allows you to check the fairness of each round.

  • Support for 13 languages.

  • Convenient site interface, easy registration.

  • Draw not only skins CS:GO, but also DOTA 2, RUST.

  • Huge choice of deposit methods, including bank cards, cryptocurrency wallets, skins.

  • Stylish design, bright 'clean' graphics."

  • Regular raffles, events where members can earn additional rewards.

  • User-friendly and high-quality mobile version of the platform.

  • There is a downloadable version that will allow you to play without a mirror or VPN connection.

  • A daily free bonus that can give skins, tokens or top-ups.

  • Users can see the achievements of other players, participants of battles. All this creates a feeling of transparency of the game and cohesion of the game community.

The resource has its drawbacks as well:

  • In some countries, the use of the Hellcase service is prohibited.

  • You can withdraw your winnings only with virtual items. It is impossible to get the reward with money or cryptocurrency.

  • There are only two game modes.

  • Communication with the support service only through the form on the website or e-mail. The platform does not offer chat with technical support.

  • The bonus program is not notable for its diversity. Basically, players are offered a daily free bonus.

Reviews on third-party sites

Reviews on third-party sites about the Hellcase platform can be found the most opposite. As it often happens, the casino is praised by players who managed to win and withdraw expensive skins.

Also in the positive reviews, users note the active community of players, and with this we can not disagree.

Negativity is shared by those gamblers who did not manage to withdraw or exchange their skins. The fact is that, judging by the reviews, the platform is often not in the presence of raffled items. At the same time, dissatisfied commentators accuse the portal of fraud. In response to such replicas, the casino responds that the required skins may indeed be unavailable for instant withdrawal. Alternatively, you can choose 3 available items to get.


Hellcase offers a minimum of game modes, but a lot of various battles with a lot of cases. Players can use a variety of methods of replenishment, but it is possible to get rewards only in the form of skins. From the regular bonuses players can count on a daily gift. You can always perform quests and get additional prizes, as well as participate in drawings. It is impossible not to mention the lame service of the platform, since communication with tech support through the form is simply the last century.

So Hellcase is a great site for fans of CS:GO and other computer games. Here you will get your dose of adrenaline, competing with other players. At the same time, you should realize that the items offered are not always available and their appearance sometimes have to wait. The platform is more suitable for those who are inspired by the competitive moment itself, rather than really big profits.

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